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PSA: Overwatch’s Anniversary Event Is Today (Update)

Features a new D.Va skin for higher learning.

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Why Robert Pattinson Could Be A Good Batman (Or Not)

Sparkling in sunlight.

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Rage 2’s Shooting Elevates An Otherwise Ho-Hum Open World Experience

Apocalypse wow.

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Ubisoft’s Singapore-Made Skull & Bones Delayed & Won’t Be At E3 2019

Plus, a load of Ubisoft fiscal year 2019 tidbits you should know…

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Japanese Gacha Games, & The Love-Hate Relationship We Have With Them

Braving a new-yet-familiar frontier.

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Latest Study Shows 46% Of Worldwide Game Enthusiasts Are Female

Girl power.

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Rage 2 Tips & Tricks: How To Survive Bethesda’s New Wasteland

Ark locations, basic guides, and more!