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Hello and welcome to

For those who know me – hello! Guess I’m back in the media side of things eh?!

For those who don’t, hello, welcome, thank you for stopping by and get ready for a wild ride.

Years of working with the largest gaming website in the world, and possibly Asia has taught me one thing – the video games industry, like our characters in these games evolve exponentially as time fly by. Failure to keep up will lead to your demise – or in Overwatch-speak, decay – and that’s something I do not plan to meet anytime soon.

I grew and learned a lot during my time at IGN SEA but I felt like I reached a glass ceiling. While being tied to a big brand has its perks (tons, I tell you!), the limitations were of equal amount. The only way up, or evolve, so to speak, was to leave the brand to chart my own path in this crazy scene.

Enter Kakuchopurei Sdn Bhd, my little startup focusing on tailored, consumer and community-centric video game events. Things were steadily chugging on with various planning, negotiations and pitches on the projects front but one missing ingredient was the voice side of things. Which led to the formation of this website.

Ah yes. In case you are wondering “What the hell is ‘kakuchopurei’?” – It’s Japanese for ‘Extended Play’. Initially I wanted to use ‘Extended Play’ but the company name was taken, and it costs a bomb to buy the domain. So tadaaaaa – Kakuchopurei it is. Also if you look at the logo up top, the black circle and arrow is the movement you do for a Hadoken. Circle – Down – Up. Kudos to Fazri for coming up with it.

I love writing, and sharing content and with this website, I hope to be able to do so in a much more concise, effective manner, without solely relying on YouTube and Twitch. It will also serve as a medium to share information on upcoming events and news for video game fans, by video game fans. There will be more to come soon – contents, events, anything in between so stick around, and be among the first to witness this wild ride from the start.

I really appreciate your support and if you are interested in being part of this adventure, do drop me a line. We can talk over coffee. I know a cool place that serve the best pies in Malaysia. HA!


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