The Problem With Destiny 2

About three weeks after its release, I think I can safely say I’ve had enough of Destiny 2. I’m done. Count me out. I’m done.

Following several rants on Twitter about the game, some assumed I hated the Destiny franchise and anything related to it. It’s actually quite contrary. I love Bungie. Halo: Combat Evolved was my jam growing up which played a huge role to me loving video games, as well as me dipping my toes into games journalism. Kieron Gillen’s review of the game on PC Gamer pretty much made me want to write more. Write more like him.

Anyway, back to Destiny. I finished the main story of the first game despite the dead boring and pointless storyline. I stayed around hoping that they’d somehow hit a homerun that would justify the purchase of the game. I was left disappointed. More DLCs just for recycled gameplay? No thanks. The game overall, despite its brilliance with gunplay was bland. It was largely unimaginative, boring, dull – all of which was made worse by the grindy nature of the game from day one.

The Problem With Destiny 2

It’s pretty much Destiny 1.5 to be frank. I don’t think it deserves to be called a proper sequel. Let’s recall the first game.

The progression system was a farce and severely punishes those who do not have at least three hours to spare just to grind out in the game daily. But for each ‘hater’ of the game, you have possibly two lovers of it which leads to the development of the sequel, despite Bungie initially claiming that there will NOT be a sequel to Destiny. People are such forgetful beings.

Anyways, on to Destiny 2. The great marketing especially the one featuring Cayde 6 and the chicken sold me. Despite resisting pre-ordering the game as well as taking part in the betas, I somehow ended up buying the game on day one. Two hours in, I was somewhat glad they actually bothered to pour in some story into the game. At least there was something to fight for. So I thought.

The mcguffin worked for the first few hours or so though, cuz as once you reach towards the end game, the squad we were led to assemble for the past few hours are suddenly deemed useless. I thought we were gonna fight this bad guy together!!!!! Boss fights while they are the best parts in Destiny 2, get really tiring and repetitive really quick. Bullet sponges bosses are still aplenty but if you, like me somehow managed to have a power level a few tiers above the required level for any particular mission, they are not that special. No special AI nor mechanism to throw you off-guard except for those pesky teleporting bits the Servitors do and some timed bombardment which actually give you tons of time to get out of the way. Oh the ones with extra shields? Just toss your Super at it, and a couple rockets. That’ll do the job.

Strip away the 6/10 (at best) storyline of Destiny 2, you will find the same game as the first. The AI is terrible. They will exhibit some Halo-like mannerisms by ducking for cover and ┬átry to flank you but players can just run through them. Unless you find yourself in a very, very shitty position, it is hard to die in the hands of these goons. They can’t aim and the swarms just run straight into your crosshairs. The bosses try their best to be within a flick of your aim while the map area allows great movement for players who are blessed with differing types of mobility; something that very few enemies have.

“But it’s all about playing with your friends!”

Dude. If I want to play a repetitive game with my friends and actually have fun while doing so, I’d play Overwatch, TF2, CS:Go or anything else. Even better, for the same experience, you’d be better off picking up WarFrame which is free.

Destiny 2 is the biggest culprit of 2017 in misleading people in their marketing campaign. The game isn’t even a proper sequel. At best, it’s an expansion pack. Density 1.5 if you ask me. So here’s the last line, Bungie. Don’t stick the ‘2’ in it for the sake of it. Be clear, be frank and people will be much more forgiving towards you guys.

So here’s hoping for an improvement in the following months. You guys have a great thing here, Bungie. Don’t screw this up.

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