Here Are the Dates for the Next THREE Steam Sales

If Kotaku’s sources are to be believed, we now know the dates of the next three Steam Sales, with the nearest one just less than a week away. After speaking to three developer sources, Kotaku UK has learned when we should start saving (or hiding our wallets) as we head towards the fourth quarter and holiday season of 2017.

The dates and Steam Sale events are as follows (we’ve converted the times to Malaysia, Singapore & Hong Kong for your convenience):

Steam Halloween Sale: 1AM Oct 27th KUL/ HK/ SG – 1AM November 2nd 2017;

Steam Autumn Sale (Black Friday): 1AM November 23rd 2017 – 1AM November 29th 2017;

Steam Winter Sale: 1AM December 22nd 2017 – 1AM January 5th 2018

According to the sources, the sales are expected to start and end at approximately 6pm UK time on each of those dates – which translates to roughly 1am the following day.

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 11.55.27 am



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