Check Out This Chinese Clone of PUBG

Chinese clones are a dime a dozen with knockoffs of popular games popping up almost every other day. In the past, we’ve come across tons of Overwatch clones which were both funny and/or interesting to various degrees. As they say – imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and the Chinese are at it again with the newest clone of a commercially successful game; but now available on mobile – a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds clone – called Terminator 2 3D – or if our Google Translate app isn’t pulling our leg, translates as “Wilderness Battle Royale” 


We. Kid. You. Not. There’s a trailer too out in the wild and we think it’s quite impressive for a mobile game. The video claims that the graphics are still work in progress and is not indicative of the final product – but we think it looks pretty good so far.

We aren’t huge fans of the crawling simulator in PUBG but we’d play the hell out of this clone simply for them putting Arnold Schwarzenegger on the thumbnail. The graphics (as shown from the trailer) seem decent enough for a mobile game and at certain points even closely resemble PUBG-level graphics.

What do you think of it? Worth a try? Thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.

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