Asian Markets Will Have to Wait A Little Longer for the Razer Phone

Sad news guys. Seems that Asian markets will have to wait a little longer before getting to land their hands on the Razer Phone due to the company’s current focus on the North American and European markets.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 7.27.12 pm

Sad thing, really, considering Razer, a Singaporean-founded company chose to focus on other regions instead of Asia; altho after all things considered, North America and the EU are probably more lucrative, ‘sexier’ markets for the brand at the moment. But then again, China-based phone makers e.g Oppo, One+, Xiaomi are actively pushing for their products in the SEA regions which pretty much reflect on the burgeoning mobile market here. So what gives?¬†We’ve contacted the regional offices for review units of the phone and hopefully are able to test it soon enough. Fingers crossed.

Disclaimer: We never sought to actively review smartphones on but considering the nature of the product, being produced by a games peripheral maker alone qualifies itself as a device worth our time.

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