The Hot Toys Hela 1/6th Action Figure is Hella Fine

Hot Toys recently revealed their latest prototype and with all the puns in the world intended, we say it without shame: “It’s hell of a fine figurine!” We’ve never considered getting a female Hot Toys figure prior simply because none of them piqued our interest but this one is a different case altogether.

Behold the Goddess of Death.


Bearing the screen-accurate likeness of the gorgeous Cate Blanchett, the figure comes with seven pieces of interchangeable hands including gesturing, relaxed, sword holding hands as well as a Mjolnir-holding hand so you can replicate that iconic movie moment. She stands approximately 31-cm tall and comes with 28 points of articulation. We aren’t sure about the make of the suit but from the prototype pics, we guess it’s the same material used for Hot Toys’ Deadpool figurine. And damn look at the sculpt and her headdress.

However she falls short in the accessories department as Hela only comes with two swords and a damaged Mjolnir to accompany the standard stand bearing her nameplate and movie logo. Fingers crossed that Hot Toys will include a head sculpt sans the headdress when they ship the figurine out circa late 2018.

More pics of the figurine can be found below:

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It retails US$235 on Sideshow Collectibles so expect to shell out just shy of MYR1000 for this figurine at your nearest high-end collectible stores. Also don’t forget to check out our review of Thor: Ragnarok here.


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