EA Backtracks on Battlefront II’s Hero Costs – Vader Now ‘More Accessible’

Following public backlash and the notorious world record of the most down-voted comment on Reddit in history following their response to the Battlefront II microtransaction FUBAR these past few days, EA has released an official statement in hope of appeasing the gaming community. Via an official press release on the company’s website late last night, EA has decided to reduce the amount of credits required to unlock some of hero characters in the game. The statement read:

“Making games great comes from regular tuning. As one example, today we’re making a substantial change based on what we’ve seen during the Play First trial. There’s been a lot of discussion around the amount of in-game credits (and time) it takes to unlock some of our heroes, especially Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Unlocking a hero is a great accomplishment in the game, something we want players to have fun earning. We used data from the beta to help set those levels, but it’s clear that more changes were needed.

So, we’re reducing the amount of credits needed to unlock the top heroes by 75%. Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader will now be available for 15,000 credits; Emperor Palpatine, Chewbacca, and Leia Organa for 10,000 credits; and Iden at 5,000 credits. Based on what we’ve seen in the trial, this amount will make earning these heroes an achievement, but one that will be accessible for all players.”

Those who started playing the game early found that an extensive grind is required in order to unlock hero characters such as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader – much to their dismay. These characters can only be purchased with in-game credits which are accrued via grinding in the games multiplayer modes. Each multiplayer round nets you approximately 400 credits and using that as a gauge, will probably take some people up to 40 hours to just unlock one hero.

EA also announced that another Reddit AMA is taking place Wednesday (Thursday Malaysia time) with some of the key leads on their team and surely are hoping for a more positive outcome than their most recent outing. You can stay updated on more details of that AMA by following any of their social media outlets.


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