New Overwatch PTR Patch Goes Live – Shows off Blizzard World Map

The latest Overwatch map which made its debut at the recent BlizzCon, Blizzard World is now available for all in the Public Test Region. Available only for PC to players who already own a copy of the game (except China), the PTR will be hosted on the American server and can handle up to ten thousand players at a time.

In case you are wondering, achievements in the PTR cannot be carried over to the full game and all real-money purchases are disabled on the PTR. There have been tons of PTR tests before – most recently focusing on the latest character, Moira and the highlight for this latest update is definitely the new hybrid map – Blizzard World. Blizzard described Blizzard World as ‘An amusement park celebrating the universes of Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo – Blizzard World is a brand-new hybrid Assault/Escort map’.

It adds: Charge the gates of Stormwind, sneak through the Nexus Experience, and guide the payload through areas filled with high ground, flanking routes, and environmental hazards. Grab some Blizzard-inspired snacks at the concession stand along the way!

Now that the map is here, we cannot wait to get our hands on the (also) recently revealed Blizzard World-themed hero skins. So far eight have been revealed and expect more to come as we head closer to its public release.

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Apart from the new map, other bug fixes and minor changes are expected on the PTR. Some may not even hit the public version of the game – but based on our experience, it’s a case of more often than not. For full description of the new PTR update, head over here.


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