Sony Has A Lot To Be Happy About Black Friday 2017

The Black Friday sale of 2017 has been good – nay, great – for Sony PlayStation. According to their Network boss Eric Lempel when telling CNBC – 2017 has not just been a big year, but a record-breaking one.

“We had the biggest Black Friday in PlayStation history,” Lempel told “We sold more consoles than we ever have in our 23-year history, and [PlayStation] Plus is a natural addition to that purchase.” he added.

“Anything can happen on Black Friday, and so we wanted to make sure that people went in, they bought a console, but that they also bought PlayStation Plus because they’ll get a lot of value out of that service with their new console purchase.”

“Going into this generation, a lot of people were counting out the console business and saying it wasn’t going to work out,” Lempel continued.

“But as you can see, the PlayStation 4 business is thriving. Last month, Sony Corp. reported their earnings. Profits were up 346%; the majority of that was fueled by the PlayStation business. We’re having a phenomenal year. We’ve sold more consoles than ever before, and the console business is doing great.”

He also commented on Sony’s approach regarding virtual reality as well as how the console market is faring against the perceived uprising of mobile games via smartphones.

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