Here’s How and When You Can Get Overwatch League Team Skins in Your Game

Fancy showing off your allegiance in the Overwatch League during your daily round of Overwatch? Of course you do. Just like how sports fan are able to display their favorite sports teams’ colors in day-to-day setting, Overwatch players are now able to do the same when playing with the the introduction of League Tokens.

Just like typical sports teams, merchandising play a huge part in generating revenue for Overwatch League teams and you can now help support your favorite team financially by not only purchasing real world jerseys which will go on sale in a couple days time, but also getting their in-game colors. Starting early 2018, the home team skin colors for all 12 Overwatch League teams will be available for purchase, for all 26 heroes in the game.

To help track the purchases and account the funds generated to the appropriate teams, the Overwatch League introduced League Tokens which can only be used to purchase Overwatch League skins. Overwatch League Commissioner Nate Nanzer added that for the first month within rolling out the system, all players on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will be given enough League Tokens to purchase their first Overwatch League team skin. Of course if you intend to purchase more skins, you are required to purchase the League Tokens with real cash.

With the uproar related to post-game expenditure and stat-inducing lootboxes going about, the  Blizzard and the Overwatch League has taken a very smart move to not only dodge the bullet, but also show everyone else the right way to implement microtransactions into their game without breaking it.

Unsure which team skin to purchase? Then take a gander at the slideshow below, which shows off all home team colors in the Overwatch League.

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The Overwatch League pre-season kicks off this Thursday, 7th December before the inaugural season kicks off in January 2018. For all news, analysis and coverage of the Overwatch League, keep it locked on to

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