Call of Duty: World War II Winter Siege Event Trailer And Details Revealed

Activision has unveiled Call of Duty: World War II’s first community event last night, the Winter Siege which will come with tons of goodies such as Double XP Playlists, a winterized (is that even a word) Carentan map, a limited return of Gun Game and a weekly supply of free Winter Supply Drops throughout the duration of the event. You will also stand to get special winter gear as part through the lootbox drops. The event kicks off December 8th 2017 and will run til January 2nd 2018.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 4.20.48 pm

Five new weapons – each with their own variants – also join the fray and you can obtain them by completing special orders. The event is free for all who owns a copy of the game and as a sidenote,┬áthere’s also a PC update on the way that will fix several issues and add ranked play.

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Oh yes. Where’s our manners – check out the full trailer below as well:


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