Overwatch League Team Jersey Review

What better way to show off your team support and affiliation than wearing your team colors with pride, yeah? Following the pre-season matches for the Overwatch League last week, we finally got a glimpse of the official team jerseys worn by the players as they compete on the grandest Overwatch stage of all.

Recently we got hold on one of the team shirts, after dropping in our orders the second it was made available on Blizzard’s store. Our pick was none other than the team jersey of the early-season favorites, Seoul Dynasty. Having followed Lunatic-Hai since their APEX days, it was a no-brainer to vouch for the team representing Seoul and come on – can it be any cooler than a black and gold esports team jersey?

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Now, we’ve never reviewed any clothing items before, so for this purpose alone, we are going to break it down to two main points; Material and Sizing.

Material: The jersey is made of 100% micro polyester and it gives a cool feel when worn throughout the day. Folks who sweat quite a bit would be glad to know that they won’t get any visible sweat patches in case they found themselves perspiring in the middle of the day. We noticed that the effect wearing this shirt is just akin to any football jerseys we own – that we do not sweat as much and the material (from the feel of it) is much less prone to pilling. As typical polyester materials go, the jersey should also be far less prone to shrinking after multiple washes so that’s a good thing.

Sizing: Picking the right size when purchasing shirts online is always a challenge – even more so for Asians purchasing clothing items from the States. So I’ve decided to use myself as a size comparison for you readers out there. I’m about 1.65m in height and weigh at aroung 60kgs and the M fits me like a glove with ample breathing room. The sleeves fit just above the elbows and if you are looking for a tighter fit, you can go for the S. Petite Asian females should fit the XS while larger folks can use normal jersey measurements to aid in their size selection but I’d advise against going a size up than what you normally go with.

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As seen from the pictures, the shirt comes with ‘Dynasty’ printed across the chest. We aren’t sure what method was used to embed the fonts and logos onto the shirt but they don’t seem to be coming off or fade anytime soon. Our only gripe was that we are unable to customize these shirts with the names of our favorite players – just like for other official team jerseys.

Final Verdict: Great make, very comfortable to wear and the sizing is just right for Asians, which I would recommend going for the M. The asymmetrical design with the right sleeve makes it stand out from your conventional sports jerseys and we highly recommend it to any Overwatch League fans out there.

Disclaimer: Kakuchopurei.com purchased the Seoul Dynasty starter home jersey from the Blizzard Store. This isn’t a paid review, nor an endorsement of the product and Blizzard’s other items.

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