Blizzard Clarifies on One-Tricking Bans In Overwatch

Hey one-trick ponies – guess what? Blizzard has something to say about your one-trick shenanigans; It’s a-okay!

As discussed by Overwatch Community Manager, Josh Egen in the Overwatch Forums yesterday, one-tricking is not a bannable offense. In his post, Egen wrote “We believe players can choose to play any available hero during any game at any time, and that their choice of hero alone is not a behavior that should be penalized by our customer service team under any of the player report categories (including griefing, inactivity, or poor teamwork).”

Further stamping his point, Egen clarified:

“We believe players should be evaluated based on their actions with whichever hero they choose. If a player disrupts their team by intentionally feeding with ANY hero, you should report that player for griefing. If a player is staying in the spawn area, refuses to attack the enemy, or refuses support those that are, you should report that player for inactivity. If a player actively refuses to play the map’s objectives or communicates to the team in a negative fashion, you should report that player for poor teamwork. If a player communicates in a hateful or harassing manner with ANY hero, you should report that player for abusive chat. However, if a teammate is actively trying to perform well on their hero and help their team, they should NOT be reported under any category.”

Ever reported someone just because they went on Symmetra when on payload duties? Well, turns out you are the griefer as Egen added:

“Players who inaccurately submit player reports in an attempt to punish someone’s hero choice are considered to be harassing or griefing their fellow player, and inaccurate reports make it more difficult for us to appropriately action the players who DO disrupt the game.”  

So there you have it. Go ahead on playing whichever main you are most comfortable with, and as long as it plays to the objective – no matter how effective (or not) they are – will not lead to you getting banned for one-tricking on your favorite hero.

But come on man – play to the objective.

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