Man, I’ve spent quite a few hours with the 2D action Metroidvania platformer Rogue Legacy ever since it came out in 2013. I found the many traits you get at random when you start the game over and over rather endearing & annoying at the same time (especially the colourblind one and the gigantism one). Fun times; it seems like the game’s developers, Cellar Door Games, are at it again with their ode to old-school gaming.

Their genre of choice this time around? Side-scrolling beat-em-up; that’s what their upcoming title Full Metal Furies is about. You control one of the female Furies (ass-kicking saviours of this world) to save the world from invading titans. And it’s all done in pixelated 2D glory.

Each selectable character has a specific moveset that requires you to work together with your co-op partner. The Furies have different roles: one’s a Tank who can absorb damage & knock enemies back while one’s an Operator who can lay out a turret to damage enemies from a good distance.

Players will have to pick different roles and co-operate to survive and deal maximum damage to the onslaught of foes they’ll face. There’s also an RPG element to it, with the numbers flying about when you hit & shoot things really hard.

If this tickles your fancy, you need not wait too long; it’s coming out January 17 on PC (via Steam) and Xbox One. There’s no word on a PS4 version though. Stay tuned to a review of this bad boy soon.


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