We are one day away from the yuuuuge Overwatch cosmetic update on the 23rd January (24th for Asian countries) and Blizzard pretty much saved their best reveals for last. Enter Black Cat D.Va.

First teased via new upcoming sprays also set to drop tomorrow, Black Cat D.Va sees our favorite esports player clad in a French Maid-like attire while her Meka gets a makeover which include huge cat ears. This is a Legendary-tier skin so expect to shell out 3000 coins for it. Otherwise you can just pray to the RNG gods to grant you a good loot drop.

Also unveiled were sweet highlight intros for four heroes; Soldier 76, Ana, Bastion and Winston. Check them out.

Along with these cosmetic updates comes the newest map, Blizzard World which was first teased at Blizzcon 2017. For a quick rundown of all new skins that we know of, check out the slideshow below. Which is your favorite, by the way?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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