Ranking The New Base Lootbox Hero Skins

They are finally here! All 17 new hero skins – including those teased at BlizzCon 2017 – which were set to be available on base lootboxes following Overwatch’s latest cosmetic update are all now in the game. Following a huge update earlier today, you can start receiving these awesome hero skins – 5 Epic and 12 Legendary – from your standard lootboxes for unlimited time. Better yet, the Legendary ones are priced at 1000 coins each, making them much more obtainable for everyone.

We could just show you these new skins, in case you haven’t seen them but where’s the fun in that. So  we’ve decided to rank these skins based on their uniqueness, cool-factor and overall design.

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Which skin is YOUR favorite of the lot? Tell us in the comments section below!



Author: Kenn Leandre

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