Chinese Tanks Drops In With World of Tanks 4.6 Update

Talk about timing. Here we are, about two weeks away from the Chinese New Year and the folks at Wargaming conveniently conveniently revealed that Chinese tanks are now available in the game.

The medium line introduces 10 vehicles with the baddest of all being the 121 at Tier X. Other highlights in the Chinese lineup include the┬áTier III Type 2597 Chi-Ha, Tier IV M5A1 Stuart and our personal favorite, the Soviet-inspired Tier V Type T-34. Those who can’t get enough of the T-34 would be glad to know that an impressive T-34-1 await once they hit Tier VII.

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Mained Russian tanks? Well you’d be happy to know that the Chinese version to Russia’s T-44 makes an appearance at Tier VIII – the T-34-2. Just like its Russian cousin, the Chinese tank comes with two options for its main gun, the slow yet powerful 122mm or the rapid firing 100mm. Tier IX presents a souped up version of the T-59 which can be equipped with a Tier X gun while the 121 at Tier X should be everyone’s ultimate goal. Just look at those stats:


Along with these new tanks, Update 4.6 comes with a host of game balances and cosmetic upgrades including:

  • Balance Improvements – The reduction of penetration spread on all vehicles
  • New Rating Battles
  • Winter camouflage

The updated version of the game is now live so you’ll have to update your client and game to access them. For more detailed reading, head over to Wargaming’s website here. Happy hunting!

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