Here’s a newsflash: Platinum Games head developer Hideki “I made Devil May Cry & Okami” Kamiya is on a Twitter ramble again. But thankfully it has nothing to do with calling out white people or calling fanboys silly names.

Instead, it’s about Bayonetta 3, which is coming out for Nintendo Switch on an unspecified date or year. Check out the tale below (compiled by @JosephTico), where he is transparent about Bayonetta’s situation with Sega and Nintendo, and even a slight allusion to Scalebound’s cancellation.

Long story short, Platinum Games is indebted to Nintendo for their funding, and we get to see a third Bayonetta game. Hooray for everyone, except for everyone else who has yet to buy a Nintendo Switch. Which is still a lot of people in Southeast Asia because it’s pretty darn expensive.


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