Bardock & Broly Will Be In Dragon Ball FighterZ, To No One’s Surprise

Update: We have official pics of them in full form and their intros. Check them out.

Remember in our Dragon Ball FighterZ review where we predicted who is going to be DLC? Turns out that we may be on the ball here, but if you’re a fan of the series, you can see this reveal coming a mile away.

According to the latest V-Jump magazine scan (via ShonenGames), the two Dragon Ball Z characters will be the first DLC duo for the game.

Broly’s patented Gigantic Meteor (ie his giant-ass green ball of death) is going to be a level 3 Super. Bardock will gain access to a move called Revenger Assault where he briefly goes Super Saiyan to pummel his foes.

Here are their official descriptions.

Broly: He holds fearsome strength, and is a extreme power character. His body is big, so his reach is great! He can take some hits without even flinching! He crushes his foes with his overwhelming power! Destroy everything with his Eraser Cannon!

Bardock: A rushdown character who puts his power and speed to use together. With heavy rush moves, he can get in close to his specialty area, point blank fighting! He has simple special moves, that are all powerful. Change your fate using his Riot Javelin!

With this bit of info, we can more or less confirm that the previous DLC leak (reported here) might be right on the money. Apart from the duo, the game will include the following characters as a two-pack DLC thang:

  • Cooler
  • Zamasu
  • Vegito (Goku & Vegeta + Fusion + Potara Earrings)
  • Android 17 (in Ranger outfit)
  • Base Goku
  • Base Vegeta

While some people are worried that the game will start using more Goku and Vegeta templates for future characters (like the DBZ equivalent of Mortal Kombat ninja clones), I for one welcome an OG Vegeta with the power to transform into Oozaru as a Super move.

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