Xbox Wins Chinese New Year; Here’s Why

What happens when you have an animal photoshoot where you have the animals dressed up as Xbox characters like Marcus Fenix and the driver from the Forza series? You get a pretty cuddly and video game-centric photoshoot.

Xbox’s latest Lunar/Chinese New Year PR stunt is short but oh-so-cute-and-sweet. They basically brought in dogs, dressed them up in Xbox character cosplay, and let it loose to the internet public. Yes, they went out of their way with the props and little customized dog-sized cosplay outfits for this one-time shoot. Paws off to these guys!

Go check it out. Unless you hate dogs and pugs. In which case you might be a monster. We’re not judging.

Your move, Nintendo and Sony. If you want more dog-centric features on this festive few weeks, Kakuchopurei has one full of these four-legged loyal companions.

Author: Mr Toffee

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