Jeff Kaplan Releases Official Competitive Mode Player Distribution – We Now Know What’s Considered ‘Average’

Overwatch Lead Designer and Game Director, Jeff ‘Dad’ Kaplan last night released an interesting statistic related to players distribution for competitive Overwatch. Posting it on the Competitive Overwatch Forum, the data shows the breakdown of where everyone is in Competitive Play at the present time.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 4.01.11 pm

So what is considered average? Now we aren’t professional statisticians but based on the data, we know that over half (61% to be exact) of the player base are either Gold or below. This puts anyone on high-Gold players qualify as ‘average’ and anyone placed higher than that as ‘above average’. Logic, right? Right?

When compared to Season 3’s breakdown, the numbers haven’t changed much, save for the minor changes on Platinum and lower. While the data does little to address the many issues plaguing the competitive mode scene; toxic behaviour, elo hell, leavers as well as unfair SR rewards, it does show that progression to the higher tiers has to be earned considering that less than 5% of the player population occupy the highest ranks.

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How’s your Season 8 going? We started pretty bad considering that we finished Season 7 at 1860, having dropped from a high of 2300+. However, we managed to climb and currently sit at 2705 thanks to Moira. Our target is to hit the realms of 2800+ before Season 8 ends this weekend. Share us YOUR competitive Overwatch progress if you feel like it in the comments section below.

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