New Signings Prove to Be Good Omens for Dallas Fuel & LA Gladiators

Stage 2 of the Overwatch League kicked off earlier today with new set of maps, a brand new meta as well as successful debuts for three high-profile players. Following the Mercy nerf, an all-new styles of plays were expected and they didn’t wait long to stamp their mark as Seoul Dynasty avenged the shock 0-3 loss to Valiant at Stage 1’s Week 5 with an emphatic 4-0 win in the opening match of the day.

The absence of the double-res in Mercy kit led to more decisive team fights which propelled the Seoul Dynasty to a whole new level. Known for their efficiency since their Lunatic-Hai days, this enables them to take much more aggressive approaches; punishing their opponents who were more used with the forgiving, plodding pace so ubiquitous during Stage 1.

Unlike Stage 1 where matches tend to be battles of attritions of who pops the Mercy ult first, teamfights are now more impactful and matches so far have been quick and much more entertaining. One would be forgiven to think that Dynasty fielded a different team when they uncharacteristically lose 0-3 to the Valiant a couple weeks back, a devastating loss that put a huge dent to their playoff hopes. Revenge is best served cold and it couldn’t get any colder than a 4-0 hiding.

In other matches, it was a good day for debutants as DPS mains, ex-London Spitfire Rascal and ex-Rogue AKM started their Dallas Fuel careers on a winning note. With AKM playing as the team’s main DPS with Taimou surprisingly flexing to main tank, the Fuel rolled over the plucky Shanghai Dragons who managed to snatch a map win on Hollywood. It was also surprising to see that Taimou being the choice main tank over Cocco and xQc – the latter who is best known for his Winston plays. Rascal brings a top-tier Genji plays to the team as shown in the final map and weΒ are confident of seeing the Fuel performing much better in Stage 2.

The final match of the day saw Los Angeles Gladiators defeat the San Francisco Shock 4-0. Starting with the newly-signed Fissure from London Spitfire, the Gladiators sextet looked much more menacing despite Fissure only joined the team less than a two weeks. His aggressive plays paved the way and opened room for Surefour and Hydration to wreck havoc in the Shock backlines.

Stage 2 of the Overwatch League inaugural season continues tomorrow with the following matches:

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