Overwatch League Transfers: Spitfire Coach Comments on Rascal’s Move to Dallas Fuel

Unsurprisingly, just like his former teammate, Fissure, the desire for more playtime led to Dong-Jun “Rascal” Kim’s decision to leave London Spitfire for Dallas Fuel. As detailed in the official statement from the London Spitfire regarding the move, Rascal puts higher importance on playing than the guarantee of a championship win. However, the parting shot from London Spitfire’s coach may be a tad salty, to say the least.

Bluntly put by coach Beom-joon “Bishop” Lee, “Rascal has always wanted to be on the main roster, and voiced his wish to be the head of a snake rather than the tail of a dragon,”.


Regardless of his comment, it was a commendable, respectable decision by Rascal, we think. While some players put emphasis on championship wins to define their career, some just want to play because they love the game and want to prove to the world what they are capable of doing.

The official blog added “Rascal departs London Spitfire to join the Dallas Fuel. Rascal, much like Fissure, requested playing time as a starting player. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a request we could honor in the short term.” 

It ended with “We would like to thank Rascal for his time with Spitfire and helping us achieve the Stage 1 title, and wish him every success with his new team, the Dallas Fuel.” 

Rascal started his career with the Dallas Fuel with a win earlier today as they overcame the Shanghai Dragons 3-1. Commenting on his new teammate post-match, Taimou enthusiastically said “Rascal definitely brings more comms – he talks a lot … But Rascal also brings a Genji to the team so we are finally able to play everything”

The Dallas Fuel next play Los Angeles Gladiators this Saturday as both team sought to improve their fortunes in the Overwatch League as Stage 2 gets underway.

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