Facebook’s #SheTalksGames Sounds Like An Awesome Initiative, If Done Right

So there’s this new Facebook initiative that just launched called Women In Gaming Stories, with the appropriate hashtag #SheTalksGames. Long story short (via GameIndustry.biz), Facebook plans to feature 20 videos of women across the games business in various disciplines, including Marketing & Sales, Development & Engineering, Hosts, Producers and Writers, Editorial & Design and HR & Culture. The videos will feature stories from women of their experiences in the games business.

According to Facebook’s head of EMEA Gaming marketing Aofie Brodigan, the programme is getting a positive response since it’s providing role models for young women who want to get into the video game industry. “That’s what has been missing, maybe. A place where you can go and watch real stories of women working in the industry, through the different careers. And then connect with these women, which can help spark new ideas on how we shape the industry together. ”

Her team has recorded 20 interviews, with a lofty goal of a 100 of these bad girls out by 2018. “[…] we’re looking for exciting and engaging stories,” she said, “and we’ll be going out into the industry to look at other disciplines that we can cover as part of this programme.”

This is a very good initiative, as long as they focus on the right women who are incredibly qualified and are legitimate veterans. We’re talking experts in the field (design, business, and otherwise) like Corinne Yu, Brenda Romero, Dona Bailey, Jennifer Hale, Elicia Lee, and Emiko Iwasaki among many others. People who know what they’re talking about and aren’t just putting on a show, claiming that they know more than they let on and being the gatekeepers over what’s politically correct and culturally acceptable in a video game. Yeah, you know who you are.

You can check out all the videos here, though there’s a huge slant towards the Facebook Gaming group. Not that there’s anything wrong with that though; if you have to start somewhere, start from home, right?

Author: Mr Toffee

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