What’s Better Than Bayonetta 2 On Console? Bayonetta 2 On The Go!


The beauty of the Nintendo Switch, apart from having kick ass games in 2017 like Splatoon 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, is letting you play console quality games when you’re mobile.

Whether you’re in your car, on the bus, on an Uber, or on the LRT/MRT, you can’t deny how convenient and awesome this is. Heck, I’ll just say that it’s conveniently awesome because cunning linguists like us like to portmanteau everything in sight. Or was that lazy people who love doing that? Same difference.

Point is, you can now add Bayonetta 2 to the ever-growing list of “current gen console games you can now play on the go” like Doom and a bunch of other top-tier Nintendo games. As someone who loves all things Platinum Games way back from their time at Capcom when they were called Studio Clover, this is pretty epic.

For those who don’t know, Bayonetta 2 is the sequel to the Xbox 360 action game darling Bayonetta. You remember the title, don’t you? Hyper-level action game featuring a witch who looks like a sexy librarian and can create giant fists, swords, and enslaved beasts out of her hair (they call it Wicked Weaves here). Her bad guys are primarily angels of different shapes and sizes; some are draconic, some are demon-like and some are giants with literal baby faces.

She can also transform into a panther to run really fast, slow down time when she dodges enemy attacks at the last second, and can ride an airplane and a bike to the themes of Space Harrier and Afterburner respectively.

Bayonetta 2 is all of that and more, but only exclusive to Nintendo. There’s a plot of sorts, where Bayonetta has to rescue her bosom buddy Jeanne from Hell by venturing into a sacred mountain called Fimbulventr. If I did not have Wikipedia I would have just called it Funkytown and it wouldn’t make a lick of difference because who the f*** plays Bayonetta for the plot?

No, you’re playing Bayonetta 2 because you want to beat the crap out of demon and angel of varying sizes and strength and look cool doing it with your magic pistols strapped onto your hands and feet like a boss. Specifically a lady boss.

The controls and gameplay are more or less the same, with some major differences.

Long story short, Bayonetta 2 is worth the money if you haven’t played it yet. Yeah, it was out on the Nintendo Wii U but can you honestly tell me that you bought a Wii U just for the game? Yeah me neither *cough*.

Besides, we have no idea when Bayonetta 3 is coming out, so you might as well sate your lust for hack-and-slash Devil May Cry-but-with-Barbie-doll-heroines action gaming with one of Platinum Games’ finest.


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