David Cage’s Next Adventure Game About Robots Is Out This May 25


Here are the suggested retail prices for Detroit: Become Human in the Malaysian market:

Blu-ray Disc Standard Version: MYR 229

Blu-ray Disc Collector’s Edition: MYR 259

Digital Standard Version: MYR 209

Digital Deluxe Version: MYR 249

Detroit: Become Human, the next David Cage and Quantic Dreams “magnum opus” which is in no way apeing other sci-fi shows featuring robots who ponder about humanity and freedom, will be out later May 25. We’re still trying to figure out why we should care considering that his last few games were middling and overhyped experiences at best.

So let’s give it a shot, shall we?

-You get to decide the fate of three androids in the futuristic alternate universe of Detroit. It’s an elaborate good-looking and realistic-looking version of a Choose Your Own Adventure novel with allusions to Blade Runner’s “more human than human” questioning and answering.

Also I’m sure we’ll be getting a lot of branching paths and dialogue trees coupled with a ton of quick time event prompting. Because if that’s what people want out of games, it’s a lot of timed button presses during cutscenes.


-The game will “push the limits of the PS4 as far as [Quantic Dreams] could, with hundreds of highly realistic characters, full performance capture, scenes featuring crowds, all with a level of quality that we had never reached before.” So far it’s looking good, but there are times where the game takes quick trips to the uncanny valley.

Some people might not mind it so much, but others will wonder which human in-game is actually a replica…I mean robot. On that note, please don’t make a drinking game out of that concept; you might die from alcohol poisoning just in the first 30 minutes.

-The game will explore “a number of sensitive topics that some people may consider inappropriate or taboo for video games.” Let’s hope it amounts to more than just finger-cutting and random sex scenes without any established context.

PlayStation fans won’t have to wait long for the next David Cage masterpiece. In the meantime, if you want your “android looking for meanings of existentialism” in game form, might I suggest NieR: Automata?

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