How Is Monster Hunter: World Doing After One Month? Pretty Damn Well!

On the flip side of the Metal Gear Survive kerfuffle, another Japanese game franchise is doing incredibly well, especially in the overseas market. We’re referring to Monster Hunter: World, which is Capcom’s not-so-subtle way of starting 2018 with a big bang and making us forget about their other crap like the recent Marvel vs. Capcom game.

And yeah, Capcom’s latest in their money-making keeping-them-in-the-black series is doing really well. How well, you may ask? Let us count the ways:

The game sold over six million copies as of now, and it’s the fastest-selling game in Capcom history. One of the chief reasons it’s doing really well is that it’s billed as a great entry point into the series while also retaining its hardcoreness among longtime fans.

Capcom is treating this game like a long-term investment thanks to its Event Quests and limited-time events, like the Street Fighter Ryu armour quest and the two-part Horizon: Zero Dawn-themed events. Seeing as this is the series that gets the longest lines in any trade show in Japan, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

-Heck, Capcom is still on the ball when it comes to fixing the game’s bugs and keeping the game updated. Remember when Slicing Ammo was top tier? Capcom patched that out. The Xbox One matchmaking algorithm has been fixed following the many complaints during launch. Currently, they’re trying to fix the recent troll tactics where players can stun and stagger players who are carving out dead monsters for rewards; essentially MH:W’s version of griefing.

-There are people out there who are recreating the special Monster Hunter dishes in real life, like user Ki-ki’s wife here:

Mmmm…. meat and skewers…Rest assured this isn’t the last we’ve seen of these kinds of banquets.

-Finally, Monster Hunter: World’s accessibility makes even mainstream game journalists who usually shy away from Japanese games create interesting pieces about the game and the beasts of myth. Like this Eurogamer piece about medieval bestiaries and their relevance to Monster Hunter: World. It’s a lovely read; do check it out. 

In other words, Monster Hunter: World is showing no sign of slowing down both from a business standpoint and a cultural footnote. Why fight it? Just get a copy and get to slaying. Unless you’re waiting for the PC version in which case that’s coming out later in Fall.

Author: Mr Toffee

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