Overwatch League: Team Banter Hit Peak During Fusion’s Reverse Sweep VS Outlaws

As Overwatch caster, Mitch ‘Ubershouts’ Leslie put, “What goes around, comes around” and in competitive gaming, you reap what you sow. During the epic 5-set, reverse sweep Philadelphia Fusion win over the Houston Outlaws earlier today, a short clip became the main talking point in the competitive Overwatch scene.

The clip in question sees Fusion’s main DPS, Carpe and their Lucio-main Neptuno teabagging – nay, tactical crouching –  over Outlaws’ fallen Coolmatt D.Va following their team’s fight win. While gloating over a downed enemy certainly is a move of poor taste, to some, it was seen as payback considering Coolmatt’s teammate, Jake is notorious for pulling off the same maneuver over downed enemy players – twice in the OWL so far, over Dallas Fuel’s Effect as well as London Spitfire’s Birdring.

To be honest, we aren’t sure if the move was a deliberate payback from both Carpe and Neptuno or was done playfully without malice. However while we don’t condone the action, it was amusing to witness numerous sub-plots taking shape throughout the Overwatch League – on and off-screen. Even funnier was that Coolmatt, not the main perp Jake who was at the receiving end of the unceremonious posthumous ritual.

With the win, the Philadelphia Fusion not only leapfrogged over Houston in the Overwatch League standings, but also snatched the ‘Best in the West’ title from them.

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 6.31.35 pm

The Overwatch League continues this weekend with the following matches:

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