Latest Hot Toys Action Figure Hints At Minor Avengers: Infinity War Spoiler

The latest 1/6th scale action figure from Hot Toys dropped a minor spoiler for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War movie. If you have been actively avoiding spoilers for the movie, then we highly suggest you to stop reading right now. If you haven’t – well, you’re at the right place.

All cool? OK let’s go.

While we have already seen the new, sleek Iron Man suit Tony Stark (Mark 50?) is gonna be wearing in the movie via promotional pictures as well as the trailers and teasers, few would have thought that the MCU would go beyond referencing Iron Man’s comic book armor design. It comes with similar bells and whistles too!

Part of Hot Toys’ Movie Masterpiece line, the Infinity War Iron Man 1/6th action figure shows a clearer depiction of the armor we will be seeing in the movie which is heavily inspired by the transforming Type-51 a.k.a Model-Prime Armor as seen in the Invincible Iron Man comics.

The MCU version for Infinity War borrows heavily from the design above, most notably with its ability to shapeshift itself into several modes including a blaster arm, articulated air flaps and nano-boosters at the back. We can only imagine all the cool stuff we are going to witness on screen once the movie drops.

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The die-cast action figure stands approximately 32-cm tall, comes with about 30 points of articulations, a Robert Downey Jr. Tony Stark headsculpt as well as several pairs of exchangeable hands – as usual for all Hot Toys figurines. Iron Man’s forearm can be swapped as well to accommodate the ‘battle hands’ and there are 21 light-up LED points throughout the armor. Crazy.

While the official retail price vary depending on the market, we estimate it to sell starting from MYR1200 basing on its accessories as well as the current retail prices for other Hot Toys Iron Man figures currently in the market.

Infinity War takes place sometime after Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man: Homecoming and the more recent Black Panther. To learn how it fits within the timeline, our comics book expert elaborated on it here.

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