The “Best” Chrono Trigger PC Reviews So Far

Square Enix announced the beloved classic RPG Chrono Trigger for PC. The problem? It’s basically a port of the iOS and Android version that isn’t even optimized for the platform.

Naturally, people like yours truly are livid about this piece of news. Most people expected this version of the game to be like the Secret of Mana remaster but, well, good. Some wanted to get a perfect port from the SNES version and not having to shell out US$19.90 dollars for it.

Perhaps the only good thing that came out of this PR clusterf*** is the amount of reviews the game is getting on Chrono Trigger. Grab your popcorn, boys and girls: you’re ready for a word-filled ride.




I like the last one’s starting quote. Very poignant; just needs that Lavos cry to make it all the more effective.

Author: Mr Toffee

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