Here Are All of Brigette’s Outfits Which Are Also Available on the PTR

Players on the Overwatch PTR can now choose from a variety of skins for the newest hero, Brigette. Along with that, she can also be decked in the colors of any of the twelve Overwatch League teams and you can expect to see these skins available to the public as well, once Brigette is made available outside of the PTR.

Here are Brigette Lindholm’s skins;

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And here’s how she look in the colors of the twelve Overwatch League teams;

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We are particularly fond of her in the shades of black and green of the Houston Outlaws. What about you?

The 27th hero in Overwatch, Brigette is Torbjorn’s daughter and Reinhardt’s squire. A tank-support hybrid in terms of her role in combat, Brigette is a close range brawler that heals her teammates as she does damage to the enemies, and goes into battle wielding a rocket flail and a shield akin to Reinhardt’s. Suitable for the more aggressive support players, she is now playable in the PTR but should be available to the live servers before the next Uprising event.

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