Newest Call of Duty Ignores Roman Numeric System

The next Call of Duty game will be part of the Black Ops series and have ignored the conventional Roman Numeric system altogether. Instead of ‘IV’, they decided to brand the game as Black Ops IIII.  Like all Black Ops games in the past, it will be developed by Treyarch games but unlike the CoD games before it, will be released this October – a month earlier than typical CoD games’ release dates.

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We are unsure of the logic of using ‘IIII’ instead of the customary ‘IV’ to represent the number four, and keen-eyed viewers were first alerted of this a few days back when Houston Rockets Point Guard was spotted wearing a cap sporting the same symbol in one of his press conferences. It can’t be related, right?

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Some fans suggested that the symbol represent the checkmarks some soldiers engrave on the rifle stocks to denote the kills they’ve done on the battlefield, and the symbol’s similarity with Black Ops III’s logo may allude to the continuation of the storyline where Black Ops III ended. But who knows? Activision hasn’t shared anything more about the game, except for a special event which will be hosted on May 17. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what comes out of it til then.

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