Here’s When You’ll Get to Play Brigette (Outside of the PTR)

Update: Principal Designer at Blizzard, Scott Mercer recently revealed when Brigette will be available for competitive play. It will be at the start of Season 10 of the Competitive Mode.  

Keep your schedules free on the 20th this month folks as Overwatch’s 27th hero, Brigette Lindholm is set to hit the live server after close to a month being on the PTR. The eldest daughter of Torbjorn, many expect the support-tank hybrid to flip the current meta on its head as her kit not only adds a different approach to healing and redefining the term ‘battle medic’, but her crowd control abilities makes diving into healers a wee bit harder now.

Like all new Overwatch heroes in the past, while she will be immediately available on Quick Play, there should be a week’s buffer before she’s available for use in Competitive Play. For folks who are playing Overwatch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, this will be their first time trying her out and we think her kit is perfect for the console realms.

Blizzard also unveiled all of her available skins to date, and we have it in the slideshow below. Which one is your favorite?



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In addition to these skins above, there are twelve more Overwatch League teams themed skins which can be purchased using the league tokens.



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So what do you think of her? Will you be dipping your toes in trying her as your new main? Let us know in the comments section below.


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