Here Are The Best Fighting Game Moments Of Final Round 2018

Last weekend was quite a doozy for fighting game fans since it was a Final Round 2018 tournament extravaganza from March 16 to 18 (US time).

Basically, it’s a big-ass fighting game tournament taking place in Atlanta, Georgia of the USA, and highlights the start of the Capcom Pro Tour for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. The tournament is also premiering the Tekken World Tour 2018, as well as some other fighting games like our current favourite Dragon Ball FighterZ.

It also features notable FGC competitors like last year’s EVO champ Tokido, last year’s Capcom Pro Tour champ MenaRD, best grappler Itabashi Zangief, and Final Round 2017 SFV champion Xian (from down south).

Naturally, the Southeast Asian FGC (Malaysia, our Southern neighbours, etc.) are hyped to watch this live and streaming. God bless the internet age so that we don’t have to shell out for expensive flight tickets to Atlanta. I mean, the heck is there to do there apart from legalized gambling?

For those who aren’t lucky to catch it on time due to weekend obligations, fret not: we have the highlights and scoop from last week (via Eventhubs)

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2nd Whatever Has New Underdog Champion…

…and his name is LostSoul. The grand finals pit Kazunoko’s Raven (also a Street Fighter veteran) against LostSoul’s Elphelt. The former is a close-ranged mixup character while the other favours zoning attacks. Naturally, this may not end well for LostSoul, yet somehow he persevered by resetting the bracket and making logical trades.

He also upped his game and closed the distance with some of Elphelt’s limited-but-still-doable mid-ranged options, surprising even the veteran player. Check out the highlights below; you may learn a thing or two if you’re an Elphelt player.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Tourney Goes Well As You’d Expect…

…since the top two players were eventually going to be SonicFox and Go1. Both players have displayed insane tournament level 3v3 play since the game’s launch last January, so we weren’t that shocked. Still, Go1 secured the win and 1st place in a very close set filled with crazy assist corner pressure, unblockable Hit low attack mixups that no mere mortal could predict, and Adult Gohan power up-to-extended-combos moments.

Props to SonicFox for landing Android 16’s Self Destruct instant-kill Super in a tournament setting:

Ditto Tekken 7

The only question one asks about any major league Tekken 7 tournament is: which Korean will end up on top? Will it be Knee, JDCR, or Saint? Last year we had guys like Qudans (former Tekken champ who came out of retirement).  Fortunately for those who like taking safe bets, Knee ends up in first place, followed by JDCR and Saint in second and third place respectively.

Not-So-Little Nemo

Something tells me that whatever nerfs that Urien is getting in this version of SFV isn’t doing squat to Nemo’s playstyle. Then again, he’s one of the top SFV players in Japan, which is already a league of its own when compared to the rest of the world. Here are some highlights:

Infiltration Wins Final Round 2018 In Street Fighter V

Infiltration’s Menat was a sight to behold, with her zoning and mid-range game being the barrier for most of the top tier players in the finals. He’s rather handy with Menat’s balls.

Even last year’s EVO champion tried his best, but to no avail thanks to Infiltration’s magic balls going all over and exploding in Tokido’s face, to the point where he had to turtle it out. Even when Tokido had a counter, Infiltration’s tiny balls were still messing up his game plan.

Not for lack of trying mind you, it’s just that Infiltration’s distance-gauging of Menat’s HP attack, crouching HK, and Critical Art is on point. His ball-busting plays were too much for Tokido, which left him blue and in second place.

Congratulations, Infiltration. And yeah, you look better with the Menat hoodie. We can’t wait to see the onslaught of Menat/Juri players popping up in SFV soon.

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