Overwatch League: The State of Stage 2 Playoff Hunt

As we head into the fifth week of Stage 2 in the Overwatch League, the hunt for the playoff heats up as teams run out of time and matches to be amongst the top three in the league standings.

So far, only New York Excelsior has it in the bag with a 7-1 record and favorable matches against two off-form teams in Dallas Fuel and Los Angeles Valiant. In second place are the London Spitfire who boosted their chances of a playoff spot after dismantling the Seoul Dynasty 4-0 on Sunday. Current in-form team and surprise package of the stage, Los Angeles Gladiators are third with a record of 6-2.

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Yet, these two teams (Spitfire & Gladiators) aren’t assured of a playoff spot as slips in their remaining two matches will prove disastrous for their hopes of making it to the playoffs. Here are the possible scenarios following upcoming Week 5 matches.

New York Excelsior (7-1)

Week 5 Matches: vs Fuel & Valiant

Any 4-0 win against either teams will not only cement their spot in the playoffs, it will also secure the top seed and a minimum cash prize of US$25,000.

Our Prediction: 4-0 v Fuel; 4-0 v Valiant

London Spitfire (6-2) 

Week 5 Matches: Vs Dragons & Fuel

Two very winnable matches against two floundering teams should secure the Spitfire a spot in the playoffs. Their hopes for a top seed relies heavily on the NYXL losing heavily to either or both teams (which is highly unlikely).

Our Prediction: 4-0 v Dragons; 4-0 v Fuel

Los Angeles Gladiators (6-2)

Week 5 Matches: Vs Fusion & Uprising

The Gladiators will have to win both matches with convincing scores to ensure they stay ahead of the Dynasty on map difference. Last time these two teams met, the Gladiators staged an epic reverse sweep over the Fusion to win the series 3-2. Against the Uprising, the Gladiators fell 0-4 in Week 4 of Stage 1. So expect a tough weekend coming up for the Gladiators.

Our Prediction: 3-2 v Fusion; 3-2 v Uprising

Seoul Dynasty (6-2)

Week 5 Matches: Vs Outlaws & Mayhem

The last time both teams met, the Outlaws narrowly lost 3-2 in a Mercy-dominated meta. However, it’s a different ballgame now as the Outlaws are struggling following the Mercy nerf while the Dynasty are on a high as the shift allow their players to play their comfort picks more. The Mayhem are indeed improving but we do not see them defeating the Dynasty.

Our Prediction: 3-1 v Outlaws; 4-0 v Mayhem

Philadelphia Fusion (5-3) 

Week 5 Matches: Vs Gladiators & Valiant

While their chances for a playoff spot is very slim, they can play party poopers for the Gladiators by either defeating them or stealing several maps in their match. Fusion’s progress to the playoff relies on both the Gladiators and Dynasty losing both their matches while also pulling off huge win over the Valiant.

Our Prediction: 2-3 v Gladiators; 3-2 v Valiant

Based on our predictions, the NYXL should finish Stage 2 first, while the Spitfire secure the second spot. Third place goes to the Seoul Dynasty who leapfrog over the Gladiators due to a better map difference. Even if both teams (Gladiators & Dynasty) found to be on similar map differential, their head-to-head record leans to Dynasty’s favor.

How do you think Week 5 is going to pan out? As usual, comments section is right below.


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