The Next Dragon Quest Game Will Be Out This September For PS4 &, Gasp, PC!

While most of us remember the Final Fantasy series as the de facto JRPG juggernaut, we should keep in mind that the Dragon Quest series is also up there in terms of recognition and size. Probably not in Southeast Asia and other English-speaking countries (before part IX came out for Nintendo’s handheld), but it still holds a place in many people’s hearts.

Good news for that minority: Square Enix recently announced that Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age will be out for PS4 and on PC. The latter platform is a monumental occasion for the series because it’s the first time one of the mothership titles is out in English for PC. So hooray, PC gamers! The game is scheduled to be out this September 4.

This version will come with a new Hard mode, camera mode, improved graphics, an overhauled UI, and the ability for your main characters to dash. The menu-driven combat still returns, though this time the battles are a little more active with your character moving around since you have the option to choose between free-form fighting and classic camera battle mode.

Check out the footage below for an overview of the game.

Do check out the lovely-looking opening film of the game as well. At the very least, it looks good in the aesthetics department. It might draw newbies in and make the series relevant outside of Japan like part IX did.

The game came out in Japan last year for the PS4 and 3DS. It sold 3 million copies since its release in the country alone because a Dragon Quest game release is considered a national celebration. Why do these games sell well in Japan instead of outside the world despite its remarkable calibre? That’s a story for another time, Kakuchopurei readers.

Author: Mr Toffee

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