Overwatch Uprising Event Returns This April

The next Overwatch timed event is set to drop April 10th and as expected, it will be a continuation of last year’s Uprising event. Not much have been revealed as yet except for the cryptic tweet;

In last year’s Uprising event, players got to relive Lena ‘Tracer’ Oxton’s first mission as an Overwatch agent as they fought against waves of Omnic troops in the streets of King’s Row. While we are still unsure of the nature of this year’s Uprising event, we won’t be surprised if it relates closely to another Overwatch mission which was revealed a few weeks back – Operation White Dome.

Regardless, we’d love another crack at taking down Omnics, as well as a fresh shot at securing some awesome time-limited loot as Blizzard is set to declassify over 100 loot box items during this event. The return of the Uprising event is also good news for folks who missed out on limited-time event-exclusive skins as they are expected to again, be unlocked for the duration of the event. We missed out on Talon Widowmaker skin last time. Not this time. We have enough coins to purchase it outright!

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Expect additional info to drop as we head closer to April 10th and we will keep you updated once we have them.

Meanwhile, here’s a quick refresher of last year’s limited-time Uprising event


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