Overwatch League Transfers: Dallas Fuel Rumored Set to Offload Fan Favorite

This is one news no Dallas Fuel fan want to hear. According to Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau, whose ‘leaks’ regarding Overwatch League transfers have been almost 100% accurate to date, the troubled organization are looking to offload one of their most popular players, projectile specialist, Pro-Genji and recently turned off-tank option, Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned.

Interesting points from the tweets are that Seagull wants a move (for whatever reason) while Fuel, obviously aware of his star power would do all they can to get the best deal out of it.

Massively popular due to his likeable personality as a streamer since the early days of Overwatch, Larned, a former NRG player declined to comment on the rumors in his latest stream, quoted as saying ‘No comment’ and said he is going to concentrate on ‘practice streaming’ at the moment. He was largely absent during Stage 2 and word has it that he was concentrating on mastering D.Va as the team struggled to fill the tank-role. His return to the Overwatch League in Week 5 was met with huge applause as he performed very well against the New York Excelsior and London Spitfire despite Fuel losing both matches.


We won’t be surprised if Valiant returns with a better offer, and other teams with a younger core would be wise to snap up Larned who has tons of experience in the pro-scene. Extremely marketable, he would seriously bump any team’s fanbase – especially the ones with significantly smaller fanbases such as Boston, Los Angeles Gladiators  and Florida.

Where do you think he should head to next? As usual the comment section is down below


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