In the history of date reveal videos, none comes across straight to the point like Marvel’s Spider-Man trailer. No, really, in the first 2 seconds, the date’s revealed: September 7.

We also get to see all that pre-order goodness that entails with most triple-A releases nowadays. That’s pretty much 28 seconds of the video: it shows you the Spider-Punk suit and two other suits that will be revealed at a later date, tempting would-be collectors to pre-order early.

There’s also a Collector’s edition that contains a mini artbook, a custom steel case, some Spider-Man statue, and a bunch of other stuff. At least it comes with the game.

I’m not doubting Insomniac Games’ credibility & skill. The last game they made, Sunset Overdrive, kicked so much ass. I’m just sad that Sony pulled off the reveal with the usual pre-order marketing spiel instead of teasing new features for the public to build up some legitimate hype. They’re better than this.


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