The ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Reality Show Will Feature The FGC’s Saltiest Player

Ever wanted to see a bunch of fighting game community pro gamers and trolls hash it out in a reality TV-style backdrop, vying for a coveted slot for the upcoming ELEAGUE Street Fighter V tournament?

No? Well too bad; you’re getting one anyway.

ELEAGUE will be releasing an online reality TV show called The Challenger. The first series, based on Street Fighter V, will award the winning participant a slot in the upcoming US$250,000 Invitational.

The show will pit 7 contestants against each other in an Atlanta-based house in, what else, SFV and other “Challenge” activities. Who did they pick?

Gllty, Dayasha, Jb, RobTV, CommanderJesse, SherryJenix, and LowTierGod. If you follow the FGC nonsense, you will remember LowTierGod as a trashtalker and a troll who happens to be pretty damn good at SFV. So basically an unrefined Filipino Champion.

Yeah, I am aware that folks on the RKappa Re-edit thread and some of the more vocal passive aggressive Southeast Asian FGC community are not huge fans of these picks. But you have to remember: if you want a successful reality Tv online show, you have to bring in the biggest shit-stirrers in the business.

And really, nobody does it better than LTG, and arguably some of the cast here. Based on how the FGC community likes its drama -and occasionally stirring some because of ennui 0this is pretty much the show it deserves. If you’re interested, the show airs April 20th at 11 p.m PDT & is scheduled every Friday PDT. There will be a stream of this on YouTube, given its potential levels of vitality.

God, I sound like a middle-aged social media marketing manager. Speaking of marketing, we have behind-the-scene pics (via ELEAGUE).



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