If You Missed It, Here’s What Went Down At Ctrl + Alt Gaming 2018

An event for gamers by gamers, Ctrl + Alt Gaming 2018 (CAG 2018) kicked off with a massive bang last weekend by Sunway University Esports Club in collaboration with Games Fusion, MVP Mobile Arena, and The MAGIC RAIN.

The event was to celebrate the diversity of gamers in Malaysia, encouraging different gamers to not only enjoy their genre of choice but also other genres. About 1,500 gamers attended the event throughout the weekend.

If you didn’t have the chance to attend, here’s what you missed out on:

A Solo Cosplay Competition was held and the contestants did not hold back with their amazing quality cosplays from different games
Cosplay? More like real life super hero
Touhou Antimony of Common Flowers tournament. Not a usual tournament seen around here yet the community was just as competitive as any other mainstream esport
Its never boring when Splatoon 2 is in the house
Casual cosplayers also were  present during the event with amazing cosplays that could rival the cosplay competitors
Ever wondered how it would be like if you were a hero in a MOBA? MVP Mobile Arena gave out physical copies of hero selection photos at their photo booth as well as animated the photos throughout the day.
The Just Dance area was poppin’ all day with players showing off their dance moves
Can’t join car races IRL? Well try so here!
Gamers of all ages were present during the event. Funny enough, the child was begging the father to leave instead of the other way round!

Well done, I say to the organizers of Ctrl + Alt Gaming 2018 for bringing so many different gamers together, be it casual, hardcore, RPG. MOBA and so much more. Here’s to hoping we see another CAG 2018 next year!


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