Exclusive: Awesome Tidbits & News From That SEA Avengers Infinity War Press Conference This Morning

It’s not every day you get to bring Iron Man, Dr Strange, and the cyborg daughter of Thanos getting together in a press conference room in a little red dot of a country. But that’s what we got last Sunday: we had Robert Downey Jr., Benedict Cumberbatch, Karen Gillan, director Joe Russo, and producer Trinh Tran for a press junket down south in Singapore, as a prelude to the meet-and-greet session on

Here’s what we gathered, though it’s not a lot since this is more a media-centric showcase where the bigger press folks get dibs on the Q&A public questions. Take what you can get, I suppose.

  • The toughest person to get hold of among the three during filming? Benedict Cumberbatch, because Joe Russo does not have his phone number. All three actors retorted that Joe is the toughest guy to get ahold of.
  • Karen Gillan’s thoughts about being the only surviving Marvel villain next to Loki? “This is the weirdest sensation in the world.”
  • How did Karen Gillan get her start as Nebula? “I got a phone call from my agent asking if I’m willing to shave my head for a Marvel film. And I was like “yeah”. I was completely over the moon. I was excited to play this fun, weird, and creepy villainess.”
  • Some deejay called Jill from Kiss 92 asked a question about why there was a flip phone in the 25-minute scene of the Avengers IW preview we saw. Joe Russo reminded her to pay attention to Captain America: Civil War, in the nicest way possible. 
  • One of the media folks pointed out that there were two Sherlock Holmes sitting side-by-side in the room. Everyone applauded.
  • Robert Downey Jr. praised both Trinh Tran and Joe Russo for their hard work during all production stages to make Avengers IW happen, so much so that he declares that there should be a superhero action figure made after them. “They are locked in an editing bay [while the rest of us are doing other projects or taking breaks] like in a cavernous abandoned ship together.”


  • Benedict Cumberbatch added that Joe Russo, Trinh Tran, and the production team has the miraculous power of lining up everyone’s schedules together to get the film done.
  • Russo added that “logistically, this is the most complicated movie to put together in the history of filmmaking. It’s like we had to shut down Hollywood for a year.”
  • When asked about Hawkeye who is missing on the poster, Joe Russo mentioned that they have “long-term plans cooking up for him” and asked fans to be patient.
  • Robert Downey Jr.’s favourite Marvel film right now? Thor Ragnarok. “The funny thing honestly is that as they come out, I don’t feel like I have much to do with these adventures, but I appreciate aspects of them so much. Without Dr Strange, we wouldn’t have Infinity War. And Guardians of the Galaxy is a dark horse [film]. Recently I thought Thor Ragnarok was so mind-blowing; this Taika Waititi guy, he’s an assassin. He’s so brilliant.
  • There’s a rumour going on that Avengers IW will have 7 minutes of it censored in Indonesia. Joe Russo and Trinh had no answer to that. Well technically, Trinh joked that Tony Stark’s scenes will have to be cut out.
  • When asked about there better diversity in a male-dominated Marvel Cinematic Universe? “We [female Marvel actors] had a few drinks and thought it would be a good idea to corner Kevin Feige [Marvel Studios president] and tell him to make an all-female superhero Marvel film,” said Karen Gillan. Benedict Cumberbatch chipped in: “There are such great [female] characters [in MCU]. Such a great mixture.”

We also saw 25 mins of the film, but we can’t talk about that until closer to the film’s release. This kinda defeats the purpose of these previews, especially if the early reviews of the FULL film are already up at that point in time. At the very least, we have pictures!

Nonetheless, stick around for Kakuchopurei’s full review in the next two weeks. In-between, you might get to see an Avengers video or two from us on our Facebook page, as well as an Avengers recap. We already have two of those; do check them out here and here.





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