Five Games that Could Use the Battle Royale Treatment

Everyone’s hopping into the battle royale scene nowadays with the most recent one being Boss Key’s poor imitation of Fortnite – Radical Heights. While they attempted a unique gameshow feel to the game, it does not have any lasting appeal to go the distance compared to the big two ruling the scene; PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite: Battle Royale.

While we always welcome new titles to the scene, we believe that there tons of released games that are perfect for this mode and just waiting for their chance to shine, while at the same time allowing them a second lease at life. The introduction of the battle royale modes to these next six games will not only reignite their dwindling player base, but also adds more variety in the scene.

Call of Duty: WW2

The concept of parachuting into a battlefield equipped with nothing but your wits and ability to scrounge isn’t a 2017 thing. This concept was the base of the paratroopers which was most apparent during World War 2.

During the Normandy landings on D-Day, 6th of June 1944, over 13,100 American paratroopers of the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions made night parachute drops as the opening maneuver of Operation Neptune (the assault operation for Overlord) to disrupt defenses and secure critical points behind German lines.

Activision’s CoD: WW2 provide the perfect backdrop to reenact but with different rules to accommodate the battle royale mode, of course. Players will have to scrounge for gear, weapons and secure positions – perhaps reunite with their platoon mates as part of this game’s unique objective. They can have several maps as well, with a French countryside to replicate Normandy and another Dutch inland map to replicate Operation Market Garden which was the largest airborne operation up to that point in World War II.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 

Imagine this scenario – an orbital drop onto Hoth went wrong and you find yourself frantically in search of gear before other players (e.g Bounty Hunters) cap you off with a blaster or worse – coming across a hungry wampa.

More than just an asset flip, Battlefront II’s battle royale mode is littered with under-utilised Star Wars assets, allowing players to mix and match their gear with both Imperial and Rebel gear. This unlimited customisation potential presents a very appealing premise don’t you think? Battlefront 2 – in spite of its lootbox-led faults – is a very well polished game aesthetically so it would be a shame to let all these go to waste.

The huge selection of vehicles will definitely change the battle conditions almost instantly and just imagine the potential of a large-scale free-for-all with AT-STs and speeder-bikes.

Borderlands 2 

Borderlands 2 was a game ahead of its time and is one of the titles that remain fresh even in 2018. The variety of characters, locales and weapons provide a solid foundation for a wacky, out-of-this-world battle royale experience is hard to rival which makes the return to Pandora even worthwhile.

Some may be put off by the bright color scheme but come on – look at Fornite. Both games are almost undistinguishable from one another when it comes to color palettes. We loved the solid lootdrop and shooting mechanics in Borderlands games don’t see any issues in porting these features to a battle royale mode either.  The high customisation potential amongst the character classes adds layers to how a Borderlands Battle Royale would play as well.

For Honor

Skip the guns and go old school with melee weapons; cap off the final two players in a gladiator arena-style showdown for the ultimate fight to the death. How about that? By removing ranged weapons and solely sticking to swords, axes, spears and daggers, the game puts players’ raw melee fighting abilities to the forefront, rewarding pure skill as opposed to one’s ability to stay prone for the longest possible period.

Ubisoft recently implemented dedicated servers for the game so this might be the perfect mode to test its limit.

Metal Gear Solid V 

Huge open world? Check. Polished weapons and sneaking gameplay? Check. Character and weapons customizations? Check. Check. We honestly believe if Konami decided to run a battle royale game utilizing their Metal Gear Solid V assets instead of the ‘poke zombies with a stick game’ in that dud of a game in Metal Gear Survive, they would be swimming in cash right about now. Love or loathe them – rest assured that everyone would be making a beeline for a battle royale game running on the Fox engine the second Konami confirms it.

We know they have the capability to host the game in vast environments as seen in both MGS V and Survive so we feel this is the most logical move for Konami. But you know … IT IS Konami we are talking about here.

What other games you think would work well with the battle royale mode? As usual, the comments section is right down below.

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