Twitch Is Apparently Inaccessible In Russia

Russian government have blocked all access to popular streaming service website, Twitch. As first reported by Dotesports, users in Russia have been unable to access Twitch following the country’s blanket ban on any services hosted by its parent company, U.S. tech giant Amazon.

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Following Russia’s move to block Google and Amazon IPs in a bid to stem the use of Telegram, reports are rife on the site’s subreddit claiming issues in accessing the streaming site. While some users did report that they were still able to access Twitch, it’s more of isolated cases and due to varying IP-providers. This development is massive considering Twitch has the second-highest user database on Twitch according to market intelligence tool, SimilarWeb.

This move also affected popular games including Vainglory and Guild Wars 2. In an email to Dot Esports, CEO of Vainglory developer Super Evil Megacorp, Kristian Segerstrale said “We can confirm we are seeing a degradation in our service in Russia as a result of sudden, broad restrictions on network connectivity there,”

“Many players have found work-arounds by using VPN software and appear to be sharing successful solutions. Our engineers are working to identify further ways that we can help our players connect.”

Source: Dot Esports


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