A Year Later, Fate Grand Order Is Now Out In Southeast Asia (Except Malaysia)

Ask any anime-loving/manga-hugging fan about the turn-based RPG mobile extravaganza Fate/Grand Order, and they’ll tell you all about their Zhuge Liangs, Francis Drakes, and other 5-star card collections they have, or missed out on because of the game’s gacha rates. Ever since the game’s English release on June 25 last year, everyone’s in on that FGO train thanks to the easiness of creating a North American Apple account and tools like QooApp that lets you play games not available in your region.

Which begs the question as to why Sozo’s latest announcement, which is FGO now available on Southeast Asian’s Apple and Google app stores (sans Malaysia because of “censorship laws and other regulations”) would resonate towards hardcore FGO fans. Most of them already have dedicated North American accounts with their hard-earned cards and servants, so there’s not much incentive for them to restart their progress on the SEA version.

But hey, for the rest of you who aren’t on the FGO bandwagon, now’s a good time as any to start. You get to play the first 5 chapters of the main story and also check out the many limited events of this gacha-heavy RPG featuring anime interpretations of historical/mythological figures of the world. Who knew there were so many bishie versions of Cu Chulainn and a child Jack the Ripper?

Author: Mr Toffee

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