Overwatch Bids Goodbye to Archives; Hello to 10th Competitive Season

It was a bittersweet day for Overwatch players as they bid adieu to one of the more fun special events in the game’s short history as Blizzard draws the curtains on the Archives event. After three weeks of rampaging through Rialto, Venice, the story mode retelling the BlackWatch mission that started the ball rolling is no longer playable.

Along with that, so are the event-exclusive skins featuring BlackWatch versions of our heroes  such as Blackwatch Moira, Talon Sombra and Blackwatch McCree.

But rejoice folks – a new competitive season is back! Get ready to have your brains fried and blood pressure shoot right up as we are presented with yet another chance of breaking past our career high, but now with Brigette playable!

As of early this morning, placement matches for Overwatch Competitive Season 10 was already open and we cannot wait to see how Brigette’s introduction shifts the competitive meta. Released on March 20th, we had a solid month and a half to get accustomed to the flail-carrying tank-medic hybrid. Super disruptive when up-close, Brigette’s kit allows for a more constant healing without sacrificing any offensive capabilities.

Author: Team KKP

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