Overwatch League: Stage 3 Play-Off Teams Finalized

No one predicted it but it finally came true. The Boston Uprising has created history by becoming the first ever team to score a perfect 10-0 record in a regular Overwatch League stage following their 3-1 win over the Los Angeles Gladiators yesterday. With that win, they not only secured the top spot in Stage 3, but also a rematch against the Gladiators who were fourth in the standings. Putting their early-stage drama behind them, the Uprising, true to their name have gone from strength to strength as they plow through season favorites New York (3-2) , London (3-2), Seoul (2-1) and Gladiators (3-1).

Meanwhile, the Gladiators were assured of a playoff spot ahead of the San Francisco Shock due to better map difference. However, the Shock in Stage 3 looked like a totally different team than they were in the first two stages and should not be overlooked as they launch a late push for the season playoff.

For the first time ever as well, only one ‘full-Korean’ team is in the stage playoff – New York Excelsior – as both London Spitfire and Seoul Dynasty falling on the wayside to the likes of Boston and the two Los Angeles teams, Gladiators and Valiant. But their fans should not be worried as we believe these two teams are in this for the long run and are reserving their strats for the playoff round that really matters, the seasonal playoff stages. A hint of this was shown during Dynasty’s matches this week, as their support main, Ryujehong flexed to the main tank role, allowing their new addition, Gambler to slot in as second healer alongside Gido or Tobi. Our take? They have something up their sleeves so do not count them Koreans out.

The schedule for Stage 3 playoffs are as follows:

stage 3 playoff

Winners of each playoff match will square off in the stage 3 title match for the right to walk home $100,000 richer. The runners-up gets $25,000 prize money. You can catch all the action live via Twitch.


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