What We Know About Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 So Far

Rockstar’s latest and upcoming spaghetti western-influenced open-world action adventure game is arguably the most-anticipated sequel of 2018. Or rather a prequel, since it takes place way before the first Red Dead Redemption took place.

Red Dead Redemption was a gameplay and story-based marvel back in 2010. We’re pretty sure Red Dead Redemption 2 will turn just as many heads, if not more. Apart from a release date -October 26 for PS4 and Xbox One- there isn’t much news about the game.

Don’t fret: Kakuchopurei is here to help!

Here’s what we know about the sequel, based on the recent previews. We’ve collected all the info and put it up in one handy article for your perusal.


  • The game takes place in 1899, a few years before the twilight of the Wild West started.
  • Deadeye is back. So yes, you can have Arthur Morgan doing his slow-motion death-dealing gunslinging move in style. In fact, you can unlock cinematic kills if you time your shots right or if you activate certain combat conditions (ie: if all your enemies have less than 5% health and you pull off deadeye on all of them).
  • NPCs will react to you differently while you’re wandering in the Wild West of America. If you carry your gun out, they’ll be nervous or hostile. Depending on your town or Wild West reputation, they will greet you differently, or even treat you as such.
  • You can now choose to either greet people (Square button), antagonize them, (Circle button), or rob them (Square button). In fact, you can bully them into giving you their money even without brandishing a weapon.


Gangs & Camp

  • You now manage a gang camp, bandits and horses and all. Much of the game’s descriptions are around open world interactions within your camp.
  • The Van Der Lind gang gives you different missions and challenges from time to time. For instance, as you’re walking around camp one of your gang members might let you know that they could use provisions (meat, pelts, etc) which prompt you to go off hunting.
  • While there is a management aspect to the gang & camps, it’s an extra that’s there if you want to use it, but it’s not something you have to stay on top of. It’s not complicated, but you can get good in-game rewards out of it if you do your due diligence. This is like an expanded version of GTA V’s crew system.

The Open World

  • Not much is known about the new Wild West area you’ll be traipsing around, but you will be checking out this area called New Hanover. It’s an area filled with swamps, snow areas with alpines and mountains, and an industrialized town called Valentine.
  • If you thought GTA V looked good on the PS4 and Xbox One, wait until you see RDR2 in action. At least, that’s the general consensus of the previews so far.


  • Hunting has been greatly expanded. There are now multiple ways to skin your captures, with each method giving you different effects.
  • When selling skins, their value is determined on how clean the kill is. For example, a pelt taken from an animal killed with a bow and arrow will fetch a higher sum than the same one killed with a shotgun blast.
  • You can now latch your kills onto your horse.
  • Your pelts and kills can rot, which means their value will go down the longer they’re out in the sun.


Your Horse

  • You can now forge bonds with your horse. Just like the dog in Fable 2, it’ll make an impact in the context of the game and story.
  • Back in the first RDR, your horse was a disposable vehicle. In part 2, you can bond with your horse so that it becomes powerful and faster to ride on.
  • You can tell that your relationship with it is at a higher level if you start seeing your horse have unique animations and interactions with you and the world around it.
  • Your horse also houses the majority of your gear, so if you want to access your heavy rifles faster, you’ll have to be better friends with it.
  • If your horse dies, you will have to start the bonding process again. Still, you can attempt to patch it up with medkits if it’s hurt.


  • Similar to heists in Grand Theft Auto V, you can rob banks and establishments with your gang.
  • When you approach robberies and missions, they can bridge out based on choices. For example, one of the members of your gang can cause a distraction in a bank, allowing you to sneak up on the staff and blindside them.
  • Your rewards and ranking are determined by how you approach the robbery. If you blow things up more often, you’ll receive less.
  • In any case, a mass shootout begins as soon as you exit the bank and make your getaway.
  • This action segment only ends as soon as you shake off the authorities, horseback and all.


We’re pretty hyped about the game; do let us know your thoughts!

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