Filipino Streamer Riku To Host Breast Cancer Research Charity Overwatch Stream

With the new Overwatch pink Mercy skin catching headlines since it’s tied to a charity cause for breast cancer, it’s only a matter of time until a prominent Southeast Asian streamer take up arms to amass more funds for a worthy cause. Enter the Philippines’ very own Riku.

Yeap, the same Riku we featured on our SEA streamers feature. According to a report, she is working together with Blizzard Entertainment and Breast Cancer Research Foundation to host a charity Overwatch stream under the pink-ribboned banner of breast cancer research on May 11 at her official Twitch channel.

There will be a team of content creators who will join Riku in leading charity Overwatch streams for the next 2 weeks. All 100% of the donations will be sent to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation; a noble proceeding indeed since the foundation is working towards a cure for this malignant affliction. Sounds cool to us, since fans get to tune into Riku strutting her stuff while also championing a good cause. Let’s hope her Overwatch game is just as good as her singing game. 

Blizzard released a pink Mercy skin for Overwatch in response to their campaign with the research foundation. From May 9 to May 21, Overwatch players can show their support towards the cause by purchasing the skin for $15 with proceeds going to Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


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